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A thrilling report from Lebanon

March 18, 2020

With both the influences of Europe and the Middle East, many tourists claim Beirut as one of their all-time favorite destinations.

As we travel on our knees through Lebanon’s capital city, our prayer team is greeted with this good news from Hanna Shahin, producer of Kol el Ketab, Thru the Bible’s Arabic satellite TV program.

“Last month we were contacted by several Lebanese viewers. From many years of experience in this line of work, I know it is very uncommon to hear from people in this region. This was in equal measure thrilling and refreshing. We praise the Lord for our leadership team in this country and ask you to please lift up our Lebanese viewers. Pray that even more people will watch and respond to what they’re learning about God’s Word and His love for them.”

What a terrific report. God is answering our prayers. Keep at it! Pray for Thru the Bible’s ministry leaders, partners, and viewers in Lebanon. Ask God to continue His work in this beautiful and diverse country.

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Our worldwide prayer adventure continues; we’ll meet you tomorrow in Egypt.