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Where can we go with our heartaches?

February 17, 2020

When hard things happen, where do you turn? Viola, a listener in Kazakhstan, answered that question in her recent email.

“I was so afraid. I got to know a young man who was very much in love with me. He was handsome and attractive. He said he was dreaming about me at night. In the beginning of last month, I honestly told him that I had no romantic feelings for him. The next day, I heard that he committed suicide. I was grief stricken and felt this was my fault. That’s when I found your program. I began to listen and was comforted by God’s Word. I have heard you say that the Bible has answers for all of life’s problems. I will be listening, what I really need to know is if I’m responsible for this man who took his life?”

What a difficult situation. Today pray for Viola and all those who bring their broken hearts before the Lord. May God comfort and encourage them as they grieve. Pray also for each in-country staff member who answers these types of letters, emails, texts, and phone calls. May His Spirit guide each of their responses.

Can you pick out the country of Kyrgyzstan on a map? Look it up and join us there tomorrow on World Prayer Today.