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Simple answers for a complicated world

February 12, 2020

With its rugged rainforests and coastlines on both the Caribbean and Pacific Oceans, it’s hard to imagine that it takes less than an hour to fly across the Central American country of Costa Rica.

But tucked within the borders of this small country are more than 5 million people who God loves. And, with the recent influx of Nicaraguan refugees, that number continues to grow.

As we pray today, intercede for the needs of these people and pray that differences between these two groups can be bridged with a common love for our Lord Jesus Christ.

As one listener says, “I’m very thankful to you for teaching me the Word of God and the correct understanding. I’ve been challenged by each program, and I believe I’m developing a deeper relationship with my Lord Jesus Christ, as well as a desire to reach my neighbors. We live in a complicated world. I believe the Word of God has simple answers for us all.”

Have you ever traveled to Honduras? That’s where we’ll meet you tomorrow on World Prayer Today.