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“The diagnosis was cancer.”

February 07, 2020

As we travel on our knees, we often see that the problems of our brothers and sisters around the world are very similar to our own. Does this letter from Nadina, a mother in Mozambique, sound familiar?

“I am married and have three young children. I work as a teacher and a few days ago at work I felt a lump in my arm. I went to the doctor and the diagnosis was cancer. I live away from my family and friends and have no one to help with my pain. Then I listened to your program, and I knew I was hearing God’s hope for my life. I’m scared because my mother died of cancer, but I have confidence because of the Word of God. Please pray for me.”

As we intercede for Nadina, also lift up those facing life-threatening illness who ride the Bible Bus with us. May they also find strength and comfort in God’s promises. And may God provide them with Christian brothers and sisters to pray and support them throughout the journey.

It’s time to head home and prepare for next week’s journey through Central America and Caribbean. We’ll meet you on Monday in Nicaragua.