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A brother living with HIV in Zambia finds new life

February 04, 2020

“I was looking for information for my physical being, but what I found was hope and life for my spirit.

“Since l was diagnosed with HIV in 2007, Christian radio has inspired me. I started listening to the programs on health, but Thru the Bible immediately followed, and I began to fall in love with this study.”

That’s the good news we hear from a listener in Zambia today. He continues:

“I was looking for information for my physical being, but what I found was more important: Hope and life for my spirit. Your teaching in my language of Shona gives me hope each day. I no longer worry about my future, because I know my future is with God.

“I have grown so much that I now share my knowledge with those in my church. Please pray that I am a light to my church and to those living with AIDS. When I received my diagnosis, I thought it was a death sentence, however I now realize it led me to eternal life.”

Your prayers play a strategic part in God’s Word getting to people in Zambia and throughout Eastern Africa. Today pray for more people to open their hearts as they listen to God’s Word taught clearly on Thru the Bible.

Let’s together pray for the great number of people affected by the AIDS virus, both those who are living with the disease and the millions of children who have been orphaned because of it.

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