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“I am a woman who once lost hope …”

December 17, 2019

God is at work answering our prayers! That’s what we are celebrating all month long here at World Prayer Today.

So join us today as we celebrate with this listener of our Khmer broadcast in Cambodia:

“I am a divorced mother whose life used to be very hard. I was very bitter and angry about raising my children alone. One day I heard your program and I began to change. Since then God has called me to Himself and I now even have a little job at a church to support my family. I have learned a lot through radio and receive much encouragement through God’s Word. I am a woman who once lost hope but I get hope through this program and have a happy life with God. I have started to tell other villagers about your program. Please pray for God’s provision for my family and for our need to have a building in which our church can meet.”

Praise God for the change only He can bring about in our lives. Let’s praise Him for the faith of this new sister and ask Him to continue to provide for her family.

We’re celebrating God’s goodness all month long. Join us tomorrow as our journey brings us home to the U.S.A.