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“I want to change my life.”

November 27, 2019

Welcome, World Prayer Team! Today we travel to Indonesia to meet a listener of our Javanese program who recently gave his life to Jesus.

Listen to this wonderful story.

“My family is poor and we often feel vulnerable, as if no one cares for us. After hearing your program, I felt God’s love and received Jesus. As my family listened with me, they also began to feel peace and God’s protection. It has only been a month, but we have all given our lives to Him. Now as I listen, I want to change our lives. I want to know what God requires and do only those things. Please pray for me and my family, we wish to serve Him well.”

Praise the Lord that God’s Word is reaching families in the Muslim-dominant nation of Indonesia! Pray that more people will hear and believe the good news God has for them.

Join us tomorrow for more praise and celebration on World Prayer Today.