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“We have a reservoir of support through your messages.”

November 13, 2019

Welcome to Maharashtra, India. Today our World Prayer journey introduces us to a young woman who listens to Thru the Bible in her native language of Telugu.

She writes:

My name is Naomi. I was born into a family that looked for peace by worshiping the various deities in our religion. I spent my days in fasting and prayer at the foot of these gods I believed in so much. But I never found the answers I was seeking. A few years ago, I became ill and intensified my rituals and traveled to many temples to seek answers.

“On a visit to my mom in the village, I also dropped in to meet a friend who told me about Jesus. She advised me to stop all my superstitions and place my faith instead in Jesus. I went back home with a new thought in my head.

“As my health continued to deteriorate, I recalled my friend’s advice and, seeing no hope, I started attending church with my husband and we leaned on Jesus. Although I am not healed, things have taken a turn for the better in my household. Jesus has brought peace and even a bit of joy to us all.

“Our new-found faith has attracted a lot of resentment and abuse from my in-laws, but we continued to remain firm in Jesus. Our mind is set only on Christ. Some of our Christian friends gifted us a radio and introduced us to your programs. You have been a source of knowledge, comfort, and encouragement to us. We feel like we have a reservoir of support through your messages. Thank you very much. Please remember us in your prayers.”

Today let’s thank God for the broadcasting of His Word in the Telugu language. Pray that more listeners like Naomi and her husband find peace and joy in Jesus, as well.

Join us on the World Prayer journey tomorrow as we visit a former animist in Tripura.