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Taiwan: Economically rich and spiritually poor

October 02, 2019

Located off the southwest coast of Okinawa, Japan, and north of the Philippines lies the controversial island nation of Taiwan.

Despite longstanding tensions with China, Taiwan has thrived both economically and politically. It ranks high in areas like freedom of the press, healthcare, public education, economic freedom, and human developments, and its high-tech industry plays a key role in the global economy.

Spiritually, however, Taiwan’s growth is more modest. Although it’s a secular state that boasts freedom of religion, only an estimated 6% of islanders follow Jesus Christ as Savior.

That’s why today we’re asking our team to pray for the effectiveness and fruit of the Thru the Bible broadcasts in Mandarin. As one listener shares:

“I really love your programs. Each word you say is constructive and logical. It glorifies God. May He continue to bless your program so that more people will hear His Word.”

Amen! Today let’s boldly ask God to intervene in the life of each Taiwanese man, woman, and child. Pray they will hear the truth and be set free from old traditions and idol worship that have been passed down from generations.

Join us tomorrow as we journey on our knees to Japan. Invite a friend to sign up and join us at