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“I think I have just discovered treasure”

June 27, 2019

An email recently came to Thru the Bible asking for an update on Spain: “My heart has always ached for the people in this ancient country. Since I was a little girl, I have prayed for Spaniards to know Jesus Christ as their Savior.”

Well, here’s some encouragement for us on the World Prayer Team—recent emails from two men in Spain.

From Madrid: “I discovered your program just by chance. I must confess even though I have followed the religion of my country my whole life I have never read the Bible. I’ve never even owned a Bible. But if you offer a copy I will most gladly accept it as a gift. I think I have just discovered a treasure …. Thank you for what I think will be life-changing.”

From Seville: “I’m a rehabilitated drug addict who found Jesus Christ some years ago and now I’m a member of an evangelical church in my city. I listened to your Bible studies, and I’m amazed to find so many deep teachings that are new to me. They feel brand new to the world! I feel very uplifted and encouraged by what God has said. I would like to further my knowledge of the Word of God, so I’m thankful for your offer of resources. God is blessing abundantly! Thank you for your prayers for people like me.”

Wow—so encouraging! God is at work in Spain, drawing people to Himself. Keep praying!

Join us tomorrow as we pray for Switzerland.