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“Every day I am better…”

June 03, 2019

The South American ethnic group—the Quechua—in Ecuador, Bolivia, and Peru were first introduced to the world at large in the 1950’s as the warring tribe with the Auca Indians, by whom missionary Jim Elliot and his five-member team were martyred while attempting to reach them with the gospel.

It would thrill these five men to know that in the last six decades the gospel has been received by many thousands of Quechuas (as well as by the Aucas, now known as the Huaorani).

In 2010, the Quechua broadcast of Thru the Bible began airing in Bolivia on 32 stations. From those on the ground in South America, we receive word that the gospel is being well-received and people are being raised up in the knowledge and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ through the faithful teaching of God’s Word. Since communication channels are limited in geographically and culturally remote regions, we especially appreciate any attempt by listeners to tell their story.

Like this ranch hand from central Bolivia who says,

“The Quechua program is my favorite for learning spiritual things of God. So I listen every day and, for that reason, every day I am better. I thank God for this truth.”

Pray today for expansion efforts to take the Quechua broadcast further into Latin America—with a vision of reaching Peru, parts of Argentina, and Spain.

In loving memory of the five men killed in 1956 who saw that the work dedicated to Jesus was more important than their lives, we continue the effort to reach those who have never heard the saving message of Jesus Christ. Jim Elliot summed it up well: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”

Tomorrow, we continue our prayer journey in the exquisite mountains of Peru.