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What do you do with the hardships of life?

May 28, 2019

Welcome to World Prayer Today. We visit today with a wonderful 60-year-old grandfather from Indonesia.

“The hardship and problems in one’s life can make someone rise up or worse off. That is my story. My name is Made. I am a Christian but my faith grew slowly. When I had problems, I thought it was punishment from God, so I didn’t pray or go to the church. But when my problems were solved, I forgot who helped and cared about me.

“That all changed with new knowledge from Thru the Bible. I know now that having problems is not the same as punishment. Sometimes, problems are God’s way to grow my faith and spiritual life. In the past when I had a problem, I left God. Now I come to the Lord when I have problems.

“Thank you for your Bible teaching that opened my mind and heart. The words of God have grown my faith and refreshed my heart. The words of God have enriched my life, my faith in God is stronger, and I long to have the words of God in my mind. His Word is my need. I have experienced God’s recovery.”

What a wonderful testimony of how God uses His Word to grow, encourage, correct, and teach us. Pray for those who live under spiritual bondage through ignorance. Ask for light and life to grow as God intended.

Life and light are dawning in New Zealand, as we’ll discover tomorrow as we travel there on our knees.