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The Czech Republic needs our prayers

May 10, 2019

With more than 40% of the population professing atheism and another 16% unsure of whether God exists, the Czech Republic needs God’s Word now more than ever. That’s why Thru the Bible’s producer of the Czech language broadcasts requests our prayer.

Welcome to World Prayer Today. We’re so glad to have the privilege of praying together today. As we lift up our fellow listeners and God’s entire church in the Czech Republic, let’s also praise Him for the work He is doing in the lives of those who love Him. Read and rejoice with us in these wonderful letters:

A listener named Anna writes:

“I send my heartfelt greetings to you. Thank you for your program. Each broadcast has become indispensable to me. At our church, your programs are a great help to me! We are able to clearly and easily teach God’s Word because of the foundation you provide.”

Another listener, Daniel, recently emailed:

“Your programs are a great help and blessing in my community—in our Christian church in Zvolen and especially in our ministry in the nursing home. I can say from my personal experience that there are often lonely people who accept the Holy Spirit through your programs and receive guidance in the difficult situations in their lives. May God bless you in your personal lives as well as in the ministry of Thru the Bible.”

Isn’t that great? Let’s ask God to bring fruit to these churches and ministries. And let’s ask Him to dramatically increase the numbers of those who listen to God’s Word on Thru the Bible in the Czech Republic.

Next week the World Prayer Team is off to South Asia. Join us on Monday in Assam, India.