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From Communism to Christianity

February 11, 2019

Welcome to Albania, where the last couple of decades have brought about big change.

To refresh our memories, it wasn’t until the early 1990’s that Communism in Albania was replaced with multi-party elections. Freedom of religion wasn’t officially granted until 1998.

Since that time, God’s people have grown from nearly none to more than several thousand! Isn’t that amazing?

But while we celebrate this growth, let’s remember that more than 70% of Albanians are Muslim. Those who seek to follow Jesus have a difficult time. Listen to Neta’s story:

“I have five children and we live in a very poor area of Tirana. I come from a Muslim family, and my parents do not allow me to go to church. But since I heard about God, I wanted to know more. The solar radio that you gave me is a real blessing because I can listen to your programs. I have a great joy while listening to the Word of God with my children. The good news is that my husband allows me to listen to the radio and allows the children to go to church. Many thanks and may God be with you!”

Today let’s remember those who are caught in the middle of old traditions and new faith. Ask God to bring about spiritual maturity in Christians who will be the new pillars of faith in their families for years to come.

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