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Remember the joy?

February 04, 2019

Remember the joy you felt when you first met Jesus as your Savior?

As God works through His Word and through His people’s prayers, He is introducing new brothers and sisters to Himself every day.

Hear the joy in this text from a new sister in Cape Verde, the islands off the west coast of Africa:

“I have a treasure. Yes, I have a treasure inside me! My treasure is very valuable. My treasure is Jesus Christ, my Savior. Thank you for Através di Biblia (Thru the Bible’s African Portuguese program), which gives me hope in Jesus Christ, my Savior. Thank you for introducing Jesus to me. Before I knew Jesus I did not know that I need light in my life. Today I am happy that Jesus saved me. The peace of the Lord be with you, friends.”

Remember to pray today for those around the world who don’t yet know Jesus who may be listening to Thru the Bible today. Ask for their hearts to be moved to respond in faith to Jesus’ offer of salvation, taught throughout the Bible.

We’ll travel across the continent of Africa on our prayer journey tomorrow and remember those in Ethiopia. Please join us!