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Nothing is impossible with God—even in Uzbekistan

January 10, 2019

“Master of himself”—that’s what the word “Uzbek” means, and it describes the paradox of life in Uzbekistan, the land-locked nation in the center of Asia that sits along the ancient Silk Road.

This populated country boasts a 99% literacy rate, yet free access to information is nonexistent, controlled by the government that protects its power by suppressing freedoms. For the last 100 years, Soviet rule influenced government activities—leading to corruption at every level of power. Uzbekistan has been free of Soviet rule since 1990 but, sadly, never completely free.

Today about 25,000 Christians in unregistered churches face persecution, arrest, and the removal of civil rights. Yet in spite of this harassment, the church continues to grow, mainly in urban areas, where about one-third of Uzbeks live.

Pray for God to intervene on behalf of those who are His own in Uzbekistan. Boldly ask Him to bring persecution to an end. Intercede also for the growing churches—that they would have access to God’s Word and to Christian radio and television.

Trust the Lord that nothing is impossible with Him and join us tomorrow for a prayer journey to Russia.