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Springs of life from the desert

January 08, 2019

Welcome to Kyrgyzstan, from which we receive this report:

“We are thankful for freedom of belief despite the revival and strengthening of Islam. Although the life of the church of Jesus is very limited in all countries of Central Asia, in many places new laws allow for a certain religious tolerance, and people are worshipping in peace.”

Praise God for this good report from a land troubled with political and religious unrest.

Continue to pray for the handful of believers who run counterculture, often, to their families. Our Central-Asian Russian producer reports,

One sister’s husband is not a believer and is totally against her following Jesus. In a family quarrel, he beat her in anger (he had never before raised a hand to her). As a woman in her fifties, she found it difficult simply to endure. She called our office and we tried to comfort and encourage her. At the end of the conversation the woman shouted a ‘Hallelujah’ because she realized that she had suffered for Jesus. She asked for prayer for her husband’s life. A few days later she told us that her husband came to her with his head down, asking her forgiveness. Our sister hugged him warmly. She said: ‘My dear, it is healed.’ This was a victory.”

Pray for strength and protection for the small, young church in Kyrgyzstan and throughout Central Asia. Ask the Lord to bless and grow the proclamation of His Word in this barren place.

We’re traveling through more desert and mountains tomorrow as we pray for Turkmenistan.