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A prayer for the new year

December 28, 2018

God opens two alternatives to any man who is living in difficult days. You and I will have to do one of the two. Men in difficult days will either faint or they will pray. Either there will be days of fear or days of faith. –Dr. J. Vernon McGee

As the new year begins next week, let’s follow Dr. McGee’s challenge to make a conscious choice to walk with God by faith in the coming year. That means trusting Him in our personal lives, as well as trusting Him to move His plan forward through the kings and nations of the world.

Thank you for your partnership on this journey of praying by faith this year as we visit every region of the world. We’re traveling on our knees—praying for individuals, needs, and movements. Entrust your needs to Him now, first, before we begin.

Join us on Monday as we head to Western Europe for the first full week in our 2019 prayer journey.