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“I had never heard before … that God loves me”

December 06, 2018

For many people, especially those who live in Africa and Asia, the gospel is not very old. Only in recent generations has the Good News about Jesus Christ been talked about widely or openly.

In fact, even now in some countries, Bible teaching is still forbidden. But praise the Lord today that God is faithful to break through manmade barriers to share His Word and the hope of salvation through Jesus Christ.

The country of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) is one such example. But praise God that through radio and the Internet, more and more are hearing about the Good News for the first time. As one listener writes:

“I am very thankful for the Burmese Thru the Bible radio program. Every evening at 6 p.m. we rush to switch on your radio broadcast. Visitors who come to our house and our neighbors also have the opportunity to listen. I hear things which I had never heard before such as encouraging lessons that tell me that I am loved by God and the stories in the Bible that testify to His magnificence. I listen and benefit much spiritual strength. That is why I thank all radio donors and radio program producers and teachers.”

Pray today for believers like this Burmese brother who is discovering the love of God for the first time.

We’ll celebrate God at work again tomorrow right here on World Prayer Today.