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“Only Jesus can help me”

October 18, 2018

Every place we pray around the world has prisons—some with bars, some from isolation, some from misunderstanding.

Today our World Prayer Team is on our knees for the people of Poland. God has carried Poland through the years of tragedy and poverty. Over one-third of Poland’s population perished in World War II, and today economic and natural hardships pummel Polish people.

This letter from a prison inmate sheds light on new ways to pray:

“Each of your programs makes me cheerful; they are a great enlightenment for me. I’m sure that both my and your life will have many worries and downfalls, but Jesus will give us strength and support. In my penitentiary there are no meetings of believers, therefore your program means so much to me. Before I met Jesus, I had the conviction that I was able to cope with everything that happened to me. However, now I know I was wrong—only Jesus can help me. It’s not easy to live here. There are lots of different problems to deal with, but God leads me through. I share my experience of God’s presence in my life with other prisoners. Some laugh, some want to hear more. Your programs help me to prepare how to speak with them about the truth.”

Pray for your brothers and sisters in Poland to find spiritual and personal freedom in their relationships with Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow our prayer journey takes us to beautiful, war-torn Croatia. Thanks for praying us along.