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Praise God for sunshine in Serbia

October 17, 2018

Praise the Lord for practical technology! Today the World Prayer Team is praying for the people of Serbia.

In this war-torn region, broadcast channels are not always readily available and are costly to maintain. But what is available … and free? Sunshine! Praise the Lord for solar-powered radio players on which Serbian Christians can listen to Thru the Bible.

Cedomiryes, our listener living in the Republic of Srpska, in the Serbian part of Bosnia, sent us this note:

“Thank you for your faithful service to us. I am listening to our Bible studies on my solar radio that you gave to me. I am enjoying studying 1 Corinthians in the Serbian and Croatian languages. It also helps to have the Bible text in my mind. When everything in our surroundings appear hopeless, we fix our thoughts on eternal things promised by God and made possible through Jesus Christ. Thank you!”

Join us tomorrow as we travel north to another place in need of hope.