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“Would God ever take me back?”

September 04, 2018

“Would God forgive and accept back a child who has turned his back on Him?” a Filipino listener to Thru the Bible in the Ilocano language called and asked our program producer.

He tells us more:

“‘Yes,’ I told him. ‘God is faithful and just to forgive us if we confess our sins,’ I added, quoting from the Scriptures. His next response wasn’t a question but an unexpected note of gratitude.

‘I am a child who has gone astray. I have turned my back on God and His ways,’ he said, ‘but after listening to your programs I now want to go back to Him.’ I told him that God would be really joyful if he did turn back to Him.

“The prodigal son in Jesus’ story looked around his squalid living conditions and realized how far he had fallen from his status as heir. But our listener, who I learned is from Tabuk City and works night shifts at a 24-hour restaurant, sat down and listened to [Thru the Bible in the Ilocano language] and he heard God calling him home. And home is where he’s heading.”

Praise God for this encouraging word. Pray now for more prodigals far from home—in the Philippines and in our own hometowns—to turn and head home.

Tomorrow we head south to mysterious Papua New Guinea.