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“Our most important thing … ”

June 08, 2018

The people of Paraguay in central South America listen to Thru the Bible in Guarani, one of the most-widely spoken indigenous languages of the Americas.

Josef, a listener to that broadcast, writes this wise letter about praying for family members:

“Our dear radio pastor, thank you very much for all your programs. We have just finished listening to the program on First John. It has clarified a lot of issues. We are thankful to the couple who visited us, for their open and humble approach in the midst of things which are far from easy here. My wife and I are facing serious needs in our families—beginning with hearts that are far from God. The only thing we have left is to intercede for them before our Lord. May you all have peaceful days.”

No doubt we all have family members we pray would turn to God. Let’s join Josef in Paraguay by interceding for his family—and our own.

Be sure to join us next week as we travel back to the Arabic-speaking world.