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“God’s Word meets us in our need …”

May 15, 2018

Does it often surprise you how, when you’re reading God’s Word, He meets you at the point of greatest need? Does it sometimes seem as if a particular verse or chapter was written just for you?

Welcome to Lithuania. Today on our World Prayer journey we meet a listener named Marius who shares that feeling.

“I love your program. The Bible verses you choose and explain are perfect. They help me personally and I’m often surprised that the stories match exactly what I am going through in my life. They help me to find easier solutions. I pray many more will listen to these broadcasts and, through hearing God’s Word, their burdens will be lighter.”

Today, join Marius as he asks God to meet our listeners at their greatest points of need. Together let’s walk in confidence that, as we look at our lives through the lens of God’s Word, each burden will become lighter.

Tomorrow our World Prayer Team travels to Croatia. Climb aboard for the journey, won’t you?