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“Your programs are the only source of the gospel for us”

May 14, 2018

Our world prayer journey brings us to Bulgaria today, where despite the growing sense of indifference to Christianity, Thru the Bible continues to see fruit from the broadcasting of God’s Word.

One listener, Ana, recently wrote:

“These broadcasts have touched my life. In my village, I listen along with other believers as your programs are the only source of the gospel for us.”

Another listener, Valetin, sent this note:

"God is so good. I've been struggling with anxiety lately. It’s been a little rough for me, but with this radio station and the positive messages in the programs I hear every day, I feel the grace of God and the love He shares. Without this station I would be truly lost. Thanks for all you do."

Praise God! Today let’s pray alongside our Bulgarian producer, Blagovest Nikolov, who is asking God for a spiritual awakening in his country. With each broadcast, let’s petition the Lord to open the hearts of the Bulgarian people so they may see their need and come to faith in Jesus Christ.

Join us tomorrow as we pray our way through Lithuania.