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“Today I decided to give my heart to God…”

April 24, 2018

“Today I decided to give my heart to God so that He may use me for glory.”

That’s the good news we hear today in Quebec from a young listener named Blandine.

Another listener of our French-Canadian broadcasts shared this:

“I just followed a program on a radio station on the life of Joseph that has touched me so much, it has pushed me to join you and keep being connected at all times. It is my desire to know the Lord Jesus Christ more. Will you pray for me?”

What a great request! Let’s pray that all listeners of Thru the Bible’s broadcasts will grow in their knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. And let’s pray for Rejean Joly, the producer of Thru the Bible’s French Canadian broadcasts.

Tomorrow we travel to Tucson, Arizona, and meet with a listener named Nancy. Join us, won’t you?