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Praying by faith

March 07, 2018

Today God is at work, bringing His Word to the most surprising places through radio, the Internet, television, and more.

However, we often must work and pray by faith that the message gets through since feedback can be very limited. This is true for the Thru the Bible broadcast in Pashto, airing in the Middle East. But God knows how to encourage us—especially with letters like this one from an Afghani brother in Christ.

“I thank the Lord for your program. I pray that your ministry would keep spreading and telling all nations about Jesus’ work for us and that your episodes would lead many to their salvation through Christ! I write to you now by dictating this through a relative who lives in the United States. It is not safe to communicate from my home country. I thought it important you know that your efforts are making a difference in my life and I believe in many other lives in my country as well! Many blessings.”

Pray specifically today for listeners of Thru the Bible who are living in countries where they are not free to connect with other believers. Also, lift up radio producers in those languages who do not often receive encouraging feedback. Pray for perseverance and grace for all.

Tomorrow we’re traveling on our knees back to India.