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Our surprising life stories . . .

February 05, 2018

If we were each asked to write our life story, none of us would have written ours the way it’s turning out.

That’s the truth for a young man in Cape Verde, Africa. His life is so different—he calls it a miracle:

“I belonged to a group of outsiders my whole young adult life. I assaulted people and caused everything wicked in my neighborhood. Everyone was afraid of me. No one is more surprised than me that one day, while I was listening to random radio programs, I woke up to the things of God. I gave Him everything I was and He gave me a new life. Today I am in a church, in relationships, and I know peace like never before. I pray that the message of the gospel will continue to be preached, because it is the power of God for the transformation of believers. I am studying now to be a lawyer. I call that a miracle.”

Everybody’s stories of how God has saved them and changed them are miracles. Thank God for your story today and ask Him to do more miracles in our listeners’ lives around the world.

We’re traveling through Africa all this week. Join us on your knees tomorrow in Ethiopia.