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A present help in times of trouble

January 23, 2018

Remember when the 9.0 earthquake rocked Japan on March 11, 2011? And then the tsunami hit? Waves as high as 35 feet washed over northern regions of Japan and drowned over 16,000 people.

While it may seem like a long time ago for the rest of the world, for the millions of Japanese people affected, it’s hardly a heart-beat ago. In fact, some still live in shelters. Others are rebuilding their lives. Still others will never recover.

Let’s pray today for those in Japan—and in our communities—whose wounds run deep. Perhaps they’ve lost loved ones or their livelihood. Pray also for those who turned to God in this tragedy—perhaps for the first time.

After years of praying for an open door to resume broadcasts to Japan, God has recently answered our prayers above and beyond what we asked or imagined. TTB-Japanese is now aired on 11 FM stations across the country, including one in the capital city Tokyo!

Pray many will find hope and healing in the proclamation of God’s Word on Thru the Bible. Perhaps God will use the Thru the Bible app as people find us on their smartphones. Pray many Japanese people will find God to be their refuge and strength—a present help in times of trouble.

We’ll travel on our knees to Mongolia tomorrow. Great things are happening there ….