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“Our struggle is fierce …”

January 19, 2018

Welcome to Algeria, where despite intensifying persecution against Christians, God’s Word is finding its way into the hearts of many Algerians.

As one brother named Merouane recently wrote:

“Praise God our numbers are growing! It often begins with a person that listens to your programs. Soon after, their whole family listens, then it goes by word of mouth to neighbors, and so begins a new house church.

“This was indeed the way it happened with us. It was my father who first discovered your programs. He spoke at home, then he talked to our neighbors, and we started a small church in our house. And now, by the grace of Jesus, we have built a great church in our village. On the day of worship we have 150 followers and sometimes more. Pray for us, and continue to send weapons from the Lord, because our struggle is fierce.”

What a wonderful report. Today let’s praise God for His favor on these Algerian house churches and ask Him to protect those who boldly share His name, despite personal risk.

Join us next week as we travel to Northeast Asia.