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“Being alone in my faith is not easy …”

January 17, 2018

“Being alone in my faith in the area that I live is not easy.”

That’s what one listener of Thru the Bible’s Arabic program in Kuwait shares with us. He continues,

“But when I listen to your program, I feel as if someone is taking me by my hand and helping me cross the dark valley. The way that you share the Word of God showed me the dark areas in my life, and you are now helping me see the light! I was once a Muslim, but now I am born into the light of Christ! Your broadcasts were the first time I ever heard about the good news.

“Please continue to help me with my spiritual nourishment. I would like to have fellowship with Christians, but I am not sure this is safe. So, please help me and continue your prayers for me.”

What a great request. As you pray today, please remember to lift up this gentleman and other isolated believers in Kuwait and around the world.

And join us tomorrow as World Prayer Today travels to the Palestinian Territories.