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Prayer needed for Christians in Iraq

January 16, 2018

Thanks for joining us on our world prayer tour where today we’re asking God to comfort, strengthen, and encourage our Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq … particularly those who are in danger because of their faith.

And let’s also pray alongside them as they ask that the broadcasting of God’s Word on Thru the Bible will change the hearts and minds of those who haven’t yet come to saving faith in Him. We continue to receive many letters like this one from a young woman who listens in her native language of Kurdish:

“Thank you for making me close to my God, through the grace of the Word you present to us. Thank you for your constant love to convey the voice of truth to all people. Please pray that more in my country will hear God’s Word and accept His truth. It’s only in Him that we will find peace.”

Isn’t that the truth?! We echo that prayer!

Join us tomorrow as we’re off to Kuwait.