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Just saying “Hi” back to you!

January 09, 2018

Mrs. D. from Kyrgyzstan writes the World Prayer Team a cheerful greeting:

“Dear Brothers and Sisters who pray and prepare the radio broadcast, I greet you all in the name of our precious Lord Jesus. I listen to your program and I want to tell you that I always respond to your greetings to the listeners. You say, ‘Greetings in the name of Jesus,’ and though I know that you cannot hear me, I wanted you to know that I greet you back. I have listened to your programs for seven years now. The saints in my city are so happy to hear your voice, bearing the Good News. Sometimes we regret that the reception is not that good, but your messages help us to understand the Word of God, strengthen our faith, and teach us to obey the Lord in everything.”

Yes, it’s good to hear the voice of someone who brings us the Good News! Thank the Lord today for all those who work behind the scenes—at your radio station and website as well as those around the world, getting the gospel into places where people desperately need the truth.

Tomorrow, we’re in another ’Stan—Turkmenistan.