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Praying for the persecuted in Somalia

December 27, 2017

Unstable. That’s one of the most popular words used to describe the African country of Somalia. As we pray today, let’s consider a few of the many concerns that Somalians face:

  • Somalia has the seventh highest birth rate in the world, accompanied by the second highest maternal mortality rate and fourth highest infant mortality rate.
  • Only 38% of the Somalian people know how to read and write.
  • Of the 22 people groups in Somalia, 16 of them have never heard the gospel—which is why we need to pray for the Somali broadcast of Thru the Bible to be heard nationwide.
  • 99% of the population follows the official religion of the state, Sunni Islam.
  • Islamic fundamentalists have vowed to eliminate all Christians in Somalia, and murders of Christians are becoming more common. Most live and worship in secret.

But the news isn’t all grim. Despite persecution, partners tell us that God’s people are becoming bold. Let’s praise Him today for the faith of listeners like this one who recently wrote to say:

“When I tune in to your programs, I am delighted in the story. I have left my family religion and accepted the Lord. It was a surprise to hear that the story ends in victory. As a former Muslim, this is new to me and it helped me make my decision. Thank you for your programs that educate me and support my faith. I have wanted to convert for many years, but recently I have found the strength. Please pray that I may soon tell my family.”

Isn’t that amazing? Praise God for the faith of this listener and all those who choose to follow Jesus despite the cost. Today let’s lift up the many struggles of the Somalian people. Through the broadcasting of God’s Word, may they realize the hope and peace they can find only through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Gloria a Dios. Join us as we praise God in Latin America tomorrow.