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Praise that God’s Word keeps us on track

December 15, 2017

As our World Prayer trek continues, today we stop in India and praise God for the way His Word keeps us on track. Perhaps you can relate to the story this listener shares:

“I led a lethargic Christian life. I carried my Bible on Sunday, but I didn’t read it. I enjoyed a life of eating, drinking, and merry-making. I seemed happy, but in truth I felt very lonely. Each morning I would awaken late and while I made my breakfast my in-laws were listening to your program. Even though I was not interested, unknowingly the message began to filter into my mind. Soon without realizing it, I was waking up early to catch the beginning and sitting down with them throughout the entire thing. As you have likely guessed, the Word of God is sharper than any two-edged sword. It touched my heart and I began to admit my sins and gave up my sinful and selfish way of living. I am grateful for your teaching that pointed out my weaknesses and returned me to the path of righteous living. However, most of all, I am grateful to God for His willingness to forgive me and restore my position as a daughter of the King.”

Yes, praise God for His patience and His forgiveness! Today let’s pray more people in India, in our hometowns, and around the world will hear God’s Word on Thru the Bible and recommit themselves to a vibrant and growing relationship with the Lord Jesus.

There’s more to praise and pray about next week. We’ll see you then.