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An isolated listener in Ukraine requests our prayers

September 21, 2017

Welcome, World Prayer Team! As we touch down in Ukraine today, we are greeted by a fellow Thru the Bible listener who requests our prayers:

“I have listened to you for a long time, yet I do not write often because my eyesight has deteriorated so much. There is no church in our village, and I am the only Christian. I pray for my husband, daughter-in-law, and grandson to open their hearts to God. I would like to be an example to them, and not a hindrance. I play your programs out loud every day in hopes that they will hear about Jesus and begin to ask questions. Please pray that my family and everyone in my village will come to know the Lord Jesus.”

What a wonderful and bold request. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing today, let’s join this sister in praying for the transformation of those in her family and her village. While we’re at it, let’s pray for all of Ukraine as well.

Thank you for your prayer and partnership. Tomorrow we’ll pray our way through Uzbekistan.