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Praying for God’s Word to break through muddled beliefs

September 04, 2017

Known as the most populous island on earth, Java is home to 145 million people. As we travel through the breathtaking beaches, shimmering rainforests, and smoky volcanic scenery, we stop and pray for the Sunda—a group of more than 34 million people living on the west end of the island.

Today the majority of Sundanese people profess Islam as their faith, but they are also highly influenced by animism and other traditions and taboos passed on from their ancestors. But among these muddled beliefs, God’s Word heard on Thru the Bible is making inroads. Read this letter we recently received from a new brother in Christ.

“I am blessed with your Sundanese programs in the book of Mark. From them I have learned that Jesus became a man and He forgives me, a lowly sinner. I now believe in Him. I am changed. I promise not only to be a listener but a doer as well.”

What a great letter! Today let’s pray that more people in West Java and throughout the world will hear God’s Word and be changed. And let’s pray that, like this gentleman, we too are inspired to tangibly express our faith in new and meaningful ways.

Our prayer journey through Southeast Asia continues tomorrow in the Philippines. Meet us there.