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What's Happening at TTB | August 2019

July 29, 2019

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Thru the Bible’s
Board of Directors meet by Skype with Hanna Shahin, long-time partner with TTB in the Middle East and the lead on the Kol el Ketab Arabic television program. Hanna updates the Board of Directors on the progress of adapting Kol el Ketab into the Farsi language.

When asked if Hanna was concerned about evil governments’ regulation of the Internet in hard-to-reach nations, Hanna said, “God will always provide a way to take His Word to the seeking heart.”

A Project Completed and Well Done!

This summer marks the completion of the Arabic television program, Kol el Ketab—one of the most ambitious and complex projects in Thru the Bible’s 52-year history (apart from Dr. McGee’s production of the 5-year Bible Bus itself). Read the heart-warming email the host, Ayyad Zarif, sent to Gregg Harris and Hanna Shahin. Praise the Lord with us for His grace and mercy in seeing this television project completed, now covering the globe by satellite several times a day.


Dear Gregg and Hanna—

Warm greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

First, let me give the glory to the Lord, who is very rich in grace and mercies. For His choosing and preparing us to do His great work although we are nothing.

Secondly, let me thank you so much for the honor you gave to me when you put this huge task in my hands to do it.

It was a six-year journey. It was a very long journey, very difficult to spend a long time in script preparation, guest coordinating, being away from home and children and spending a week every month for six years in recording and following up broadcasting and viewer feedback. But also, they were six years full of mercies and grace and unlimited number of testimonies for the goodness of the Lord. It was amazing to do a very huge number of episodes (1323 TTB + 100 panorama [book summaries] + 264 re-recording of first season) with nonstop commitment. Praise the Lord!

Actually, the first winner before all viewers is me. You gave me the chance to study the Bible regularly and deeply before presenting the study to nations in many languages.

Thank you, thank you , thank you!