World Prayer Today

Like father, like son

April 24, 2023

Today as we journey in prayer and lift up our fellow Bible Bus passengers in Venezuela, we stop and meet with David (who now lives in Arkansas) as he shares his story:

“I was listening to your program on 1 Corinthians 2 today. I’m grateful for the way this study helps me stay in God’s Word. I grew up listening in Spanish. My father took this teaching, copied it to cassettes, and passed it out to literally thousands of people in our high-rise apartments in Caracas, Venezuela! He started a church using Dr. McGee’s teaching to expose people to the study of God’s Word and to pique their curiosity to learn more. When they asked for more information, he shared the gospel of Christ Jesus with them!

“I’ve listened in English on the radio the last 20 years on my commute to work here in northwest Arkansas and to quote my buddy, Tim, ‘it helps keep me on track.’ Thanks for all you do to point us to Christ. I do put in a little ‘gas money’ each month and have had fun lately handing out Bible Bus Passes to folks and sharing my ‘takeaway today’ from the study with my friends. It is how I am doing what Gregg says, ‘flinging out the seed.’ Bless y’all for your example and faithfulness in doing the same!”

Like father, like son. Isn’t it great that David’s father followed in the footsteps of the Father? And now, David follows in the footsteps of his father and our heavenly Father. What a wonderful legacy. Today, pray the interest of more people in Venezuela is piqued as they hear God’s Word. And, ask Him to bless the efforts of all those like David who are sharing the Word fearlessly and faithfully as they follow in His footsteps.

God’s Word is bearing spiritual fruit in Bolivia. Find out more tomorrow.

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