World Prayer Today

Praying through the difficulties of grief

March 24, 2023

“The loss of my husband has turned my family upside down. We need your prayers.”

That’s the urgent message we received from Esther in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. She continues:

“Please pray for my family to see the light and be transformed to walk with Jesus. Since He died, all my in-laws are stepping away from the faith and living worldly lives. I know this would grieve my husband greatly. Please pray for them and pray for the challenges before me which are about the management of the wealth he left and the details of our lives. It feels like it’s too much, but I know God is with me.”

It’s true God is with us. We can trust Him when the pain is deep and the fear is crippling. Today as we pray for this family, pray for all of us on the Bible Bus who are traveling through the shadowlands of grief. Here are a few prompts to help us get started:

  • Thank God for His promise to walk with us and even carry us when we are overcome by sadness (Isaiah 46:4).
  • Ask Him to give us wisdom to make decisions and handle issues that arrive as a result of our loss (James 1:5).
  • Pray He will protect our hearts and minds as we are vulnerable and likely guided more by emotion than reason (Philippians 4:6-7).
  • As our spirits are crushed by the weight of sorrow, pray we sense the Lord’s nearness and cling to Him (Psalm 34:18).

Our journey of prayer continues on Monday. Meet us in Micronesia for an incredible story.

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