World Prayer Today

What’s your legacy?

April 29, 2022

One generation shall praise Your works to another,and shall declare Your mighty acts. -Psalm 145:4

Do you have a parent, a grandparent, an extended family member, or special friend that has influenced your walk with the Lord? Patricia, who joins us on the Bible Bus in Spanish, shares about the spiritual legacy her parents have left:

“Listening to your programs takes me back to my childhood when my father always tuned in to listen. What beautiful memories. We were very poor, but we knew the Lord. My beloved earthly father showed us how to love our heavenly Father. And even though neither of my parents are with us today, they left us the greatest treasure a mother and father can leave their children: A perfect example of what it means to love God and knowledge of His ways.

“Today my siblings and I follow these precious ways, teaching our children about God and the Lord Jesus Christ. These are the riches we too will leave when we are gone. Thank you for your help in that.”

What a great inheritance! Today let’s thank God for all those who share the spiritual wisdom God has given them. Think about the legacy you are leaving and together let’s pray Psalm 145:4 for families in Uruguay and in our own communities, too.

Heavenly Father, thank You that studying Your Word and sharing it with the young ones in our lives is an eternal investment. Help us to tell of the mighty things You’ve taught us about who You are and how we can live for You. Give us many opportunities to talk about Your faithfulness in our lives and Your promises to be faithful to each of us forever. As we tell of Your goodness, we pray future generations see these stories as precious gifts and they, too, choose to follow You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

On Monday we’ll hear encouragement from a fellow World Prayer Team member. Be thinking about what being a part of this World Prayer Team means to you, too.

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