World Prayer Today

Thanking God for difficult lessons

June 02, 2021

“The words you spoke today were harsh and just what I needed.”

That’s what we hear from one THRU the BIBLE listener as we travel through Burkina Faso today. He continues:

“Your teaching on repentance has really touched me. At first, I was angry, but soon I realized you are right about the state of man’s heart today regarding biblical repentance, including mine. Each lesson from you is edifying, constructive, and invites to meditation in order to help me not deceive myself with false reasoning. Thank you for keeping me spiritually sharp and aware of God’s love while He’s disciplining me.”

As we join this listener in thanking God for all the lessons His Word has for us—even the difficult ones—let’s pray more people in Burkina Faso hear THRU the BIBLE. As God’s Word goes out, ask that His truth shines light on the darkness many Burkinabe people are exposed to through the occult and Islam.

Tomorrow the team heads to Senegal and prays for powerful Muslim brotherhoods to come to Jesus Christ. Meet us there.

Listen here to TTB-Bambara.