World Prayer Today

Mary used to worship her ancestors, but now she has a living God

April 05, 2021

Welcome World Prayer Team. Our journey through Oceania this week begins with a meaningful visit with Mary in Micronesia. She says:

“I once worshipped my dead ancestors. I now worship the Living God. The name of Jesus is powerful; it heals and it convicts. I speak it often and boldly. So many in in my country, even Christians, practice magic and talk with the spirits. Please pray for them to be set free. Pray for Jesus to be Lord over our islands and our hearts.”

May our prayers today be as bold as Mary’s. Pray today in confidence, knowing God is already working to accomplish His work in the hearts of His people. Thank Him that He allows us to be part of it through prayer and see His story unfold in their lives.

God’s Word is heard in several languages in Australia, including Hindi and Arabic. Join tomorrow as we ask the Holy Spirit to prepare hearts on World Prayer Today.

Listen here to TTB-Hindi.