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A good salvation story never gets old

March 30, 2021

A good story of God’s willingness to save us never gets old. Today we hear about His grace in the life of a listener to THRU the BIBLE’s Malayalam language program in India.

“I was a nominal Christian and a drunk. No one in my neighborhood or family wanted to be near me. My wife often left and found solace with our neighbors.

“The neighbors listened to Thru the Bible and my wife began to listen with them and prayed for me. After a while they urged her to go home. When she returned, she tuned into your program as I continued to sleep.

“After three days I heard the pastor talk about death and it frightened me. I asked my wife about it. She was surprised at my gentle query. From that day on we started listening to the program together. We contacted the office by writing letters once a week. They shared the gospel with us and started praying for us too. I had great desire for salvation. The joy in our life started to return.

Gradually we began attending church with our neighbors and came to understand that the majority of the church members came to salvation through this program. Today, my entire family including my children find joy and hope in the Lord.”

Praise God for this brother who discovered the greatest purpose in life is to live for Jesus Christ.

We’ve got more to celebrate tomorrow. Come along as we travel to Turkey.

Listen here to TTB-Malayalam.