World Prayer Today

God’s Word is overcoming manmade barriers in Sudan

March 18, 2021

“The lockdown is difficult, but God’s Word is not chained.”  -Gregg Harris, president of THRU the BIBLE 

God’s Word is expanding (or “exploding” as Gregg puts it) around the world—including on Arabic satellite TV in Sudan.  

While our brothers and sisters in South Sudan live in relative freedom, those in the country of Sudan live in fear of persecution and violence, including death.  

It’s here, where more than 80% of the population has never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ, that we stop to give thanks for the new life of this listener who wishes to remain anonymous.  

“During the pandemic we watched more TV than in normal times. That’s when we found your program. God’s Word is more wonderful than I could have imagined, and your ministry was comforting to the heart and opened our minds. We continue to watch and learn this new way of living. May the Lord bless you.” 

Praise God that He is not limited by manmade barriers or restrictions. Pray today that God’s church in Sudan will grow in numbers and strength. Ask Him to protect His people and give them unexpected favor in this hostile region. 

We’ve got more great news on how God is using satellite TV to expand THRU the BIBLE’s reach around the world. Join Gregg and Steve on tomorrow’s broadcast and join us here on World Prayer Today. 

Watch the TTB-Arabic satellite TV program here.