World Prayer Today

“As you teach, we feel His presence”

March 05, 2021

Welcome, Word Prayer Team. On our journey through Manitoba today, we’re invited into the home of a listener named Fillip as he shares his story: 

“I was born in Serbia, but moved to Canada at the age of 25 because I couldn’t find a well-paid job at home. I am now married and settled, but I am very happy to listen to your programs on Thru the Bible in Serbian. In a way, it cures my nostalgia for home because I very rarely have the opportunity to speak my mother tongue.  

“But what is most important is that these programs strengthen my faith and nourish me spiritually. After a hard day, I listen to the Word of God and am renewed. It is a refreshment and a great blessing to me. Sometimes my wife joins me too. She makes us tea and we listen and study together with Dr. McGee. These are special moments, and they bring us closer to God. As you teach, we feel His presence, we hear Him speak to us, and our hearts are changed.” 

Pray today more people in Canada hop aboard the Bible Bus with us. Like Fillip and his wife, may they too feel His presence and be changed by His Word. 

Rest up over the weekend. Our journey continues next week in Southeastern Asia. We’ve got a lot to pray about.