World Prayer Today

From Nova Scotia to Nevada … God’s Word is changing lives

March 03, 2021

“The excitement of turning my life over to the Lord had me sharing about Jesus with everyone in my family. Although they listened, they didn’t care much.” 

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Our travels today bring us to Nova Scotia as we visit with a listener named Christine who shares the rest of her story:  

“Though I continued to grow in my faith, I felt a burden for those I love and wanted to share my great joy with them. Then one summer my niece from Nevada came to visit. Together we listened to your teaching over breakfast and enjoyed each other’s company.  

“When it was time to leave, she downloaded your app and said she would listen every morning. It’s been several years since then, and she continues to listen. She has also started a Bible study in her neighborhood. She calls or texts me frequently to tell me how it’s going and I am happy to hear how more and more ladies are built up in the faith and new neighbors are being saved—praise the Lord! They have invited me to visit when the pandemic is over, and I cannot wait. God is faithful!” 

God’s faithfulness is a theme we hear over and over as we travel together on our knees. Thank Him today for His faithfulness in your life, in the life of Christine, and in the lives of all those who ride the Bible Bus with us.

While we’re at it, let’s ask God to reach more people in Nova Scotia with His Word. Like Christine and her niece, may they too realize the joy found in an eternal relationship with Him. 

An Italian immigrant in Canada shares her faith story. Join us tomorrow on World Prayer Today.