World Prayer Today

Be encouraged by a fellow World Prayer Team member

March 01, 2021

Need some encouragement today? Cheryl, a fellow World Prayer Team member in Canada, has a message for all of us:  

“I pray with each request that comes across my computer. Every morning I ask God to sustain our precious brothers and sisters in every season of life, just as He has sustained me over the years.  

“I began listening to Dr. McGee as a young divorcee. I never wanted a divorce, and to raise three children on my own was more than I thought I could handle. Of course, it wasn’t. God prepared me and walked with me every step of the way. His Word kept me going and kept me from feeling sorry for myself.  

“I am still occupying that seat on the Bible Bus more than 30 years later. God has dried my tears and brought joy to my heart as I care for my grandchildren several days a week while their parents are at work. It is pure pleasure for me, and I know God delights in it too.  

“I pray everyone who is going through difficulties hears this: God wants our best, and He is beside us. We are never alone. Keep reading His Word; He will meet you there.” 

That’s great advice. Pray for those Bible Bus passengers who are facing challenges today. May they, too, rest in God’s love (Matthew 11:28-30) and promises to uphold us even when it seems hopeless (Isaiah 41:10-14).  

We’re praying through Canada all week. Join us tomorrow as we lift up THRU the BIBLE’s French programs in Quebec.