World Prayer Today

Come stroll and pray with us in Kazakhstan

February 15, 2021

As we take our time strolling through the quaint streets and take in the dramatic architecture in the city of Almaty, we discover that Kazakhstan is an exciting place to visit.

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today as we journey on our knees we stop and pray with a fellow Bible passenger who wishes to remain anonymous.

“I am grateful for your programs in my language. I’m outside my house right now because this is where I listen to you daily. I am not allowed to listen at home. My family are not believers. I am the only one who follows Jesus. Thank you for your programs that support and sustain me. I would be lonely if not for you.”

Praise God for the companionship His Word provides. Today pray for the more than 9 in 10 Kazakh people who haven’t heard the gospel or who do not know the Lord. As God’s Word goes out, may seeds of His truth be planted in the hearts who listen.

There’s a lot to experience and pray about tomorrow in Kyrgyzstan. See you there.