World Prayer Today

Praying for the poor in Nicaragua

February 08, 2021

Can you guess which country in Central America we’re praying for today? Here are a couple of hints:

  • Baseball is the national pastime.
  • It is known by many as a “nation of poets.”
  • You can see more stars in this country than anywhere else.

If you chose Nicaragua, you’re right. Sadly, Nicaragua is also one of the poorest countries in the world and has a long history of political corruption.

Welcome, World Prayer Team, our expedition today begins in the capital city of Managua as we meet with a pastor named Nicolas who has traveled to meet us. He’s excited to share:

“People here have great needs. We cannot preach platitudes. Your programs help me go deeper in the Word. As I learn, my entire church learns, and some have even joined me in listening.

“The stories of the Bible teach us that God is not a God of the rich. His purpose isn’t prosperity. He came to save us all. Even a poor man has something to give Him, something to share with others, and a purpose in life. Thank you for blessing my family and our congregation.”

As we thank God for meeting the spiritual needs of this church, let’s ask to also meet their physical needs. And as God’s Word goes out on THRU the BIBLE, pray more Nicaraguans come to know the love of the Savior and believe His Word today.

Tomorrow be encouraged by a listener in the Dutch Caribbean on World Prayer Today.

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